LIME REALTY GROUP wants to wish all of you a Happy Martin Luther King Day!  This is more of a bank holiday, but it’s also a holiday about a man who stood for change and sparked a movement that caused a difference.  People like this are dynamic and often rare.  Sometimes we see people who have this quality…  To inspire others.  Who champion causes or fight against injustice.  As the world becomes smaller, ideas like equality become bigger and more important.

Even if you think it’s an unimportant holiday, it’s one that symbolizes change.  Change can be a frightening thing.  Especially when it takes something we’re used to away and gives us something new.  We’ve noticed that with our phones.  When we first got Blackberrys we thought they were horrible.  And yet after a short amount of time, we couldn’t live without them.  Then, when we switched to another phone…  An android, we went through the same process.

It takes time to get used to something new.  And it’s hard to like it at first.  But change is how we become better as people and grow stronger in our convictions, beliefs and communities.

So today, we invite you to think about change.  And maybe think about this man who helped make a huge change in our nation.

You can read more about MLK, his life and legacy by clicking on this pic:

And for your listening and viewing pleasure, here’s “Pride (In The Name Of Love)” by U2.  It was written about MLK.

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