LIME REALTY GROUP thought it would be prudent to share this article we read in St. George News…  The National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood watch effecting Southern Utah until midnight tonight.  These monsoonal storms are not unfamiliar to long term residents of Utah’s Dixie.  They are responsible for some of the most severe flooding in the area and have, on occasion, cost lots of money in property damage.  They’ve even been the cause of deaths.

If you encounter one of these flash floods today, be aware, they can happen quickly and without warning.  The most important thing you can do is move to higher ground as quickly as possible.  Don’t worry about saving your belongings or your vehicle, worry about getting to a safe high place away from the flowing water.

Follow this link to read the article and find out more information…–srKM8

You can also watch this Youtube video to see just how quickly a flash flood can come upon you.

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