LIME REALTY GROUP isn’t going to deliver a bogged down blog post today…  Instead, we’re focusing on the coincidental and obvious instances of pyrotechnics and fire surrounding us lately and how it all feeds in to one overwhelming thought.

Let’s face it, nuclear weapons…  The single most dangerous instance of fire I can think of on the planet, is once again taking center stage with North Korea recently indicating that as long as the US accepted them as a nuclear power they’d be willing to come back to the negotiating table and attempt to develop diplomatic solutions to many of their problems.  

So that’s out there…  It’s floating in the ether so to speak.  You’re hearing it in news stories you’re half listening to or see a headline you quickly ignore because the worst case scenario is too much to think about.

And then there’s Rammstein.


Yes, Rammstein.  The German alt/rock/metal band who even though they sing in German have still developed a loyal and dedicated following all across this country. 

For those of you who don’t see the link, let me clear it up for you.  One of the reasons this band is so popular is because they use as much pyrotechnical artillery as special effects in their shows as some Western countries do to carry out military maneuvers.  Seriously…  just do a random youtube search and watch some live clips.

Now Rammstein is playing in Las Vegas this weekend.  One of the hottest spots in North America during the summer and they’re going to use more explosions and firepower in the T-Mobile arena than even groups like KISS would consider it over the top.

It’s an intimate thing…  Me and 18,000 other screaming fans, in a hot city during a hot month with fire everywhere.


Yesterday, we touched on the wildfires burning in Utah and other southwest states.  So there’s that.  

And the 4th of July is right around the corner.  Many of us are planning on seeing fireworks or even lighting some off.  Which under the wrong circumstances will only add to the wildfire problem in our city.

But this is where we live and most of us seem to use our heads about firework safety and follow usage guidelines set up by the city specifically for this convergence of events.

Robert Frost warns of the impending doom of the future with his poem “Fire and Ice”.  It’s strange so many people hold on to a belief the planet is going to perish in a blaze of glory.

and yet here we are…  Running towards the weekend with fires and threats of fires looming over everything we’re doing.  And this finally is what I wanted to discuss today.

I realize this is all in my head and only an interesting confluence of unrelated events. Still, there’s no denying we’re living in a dangerous time and we might as well make ourselves live up to our full potential.  This holiday, we’re going to enjoy ourselves!  100%

and not blow up the city!