LIME REALTY GROUP hopes you enjoy your MLK day tomorrow!  We think Dr. King did a lot to forward the cause of equality and making sure all people are treated fairly and justly.

It seems these past few years have experienced a backlash of sorts towards this equality.  With police shooting protests and people feeling marginalized in their communities; it’s more important than ever to hang on to the message Dr. King devoted his life to.

“Until every man is free we are all slaves” is the historic quote from Abraham Lincoln and no one embodied the work for this equality more than Dr. King.

Hopefully, as we go about our business tomorrow, we’ll take a few seconds and think about the message this man gave his life for.  Maybe we can stop and consider what it must be like to be someone other than ourselves and what their lives are like.

If we all stepped out of our comfort shells and tried to experience what another person is going through our views would drastically change.  And isn’t it time for more understanding rather than digging our trenches deeper and hunkering down?

It’s our hope we’ll all approach the new year with a resolution to be open to those who are different from us and try to find compassion in our hearts for the experiences of others.

Thanks for all of your support and keep reading the blog!  We appreciate all of you.