LIME REALTY GROUP works for all sorts of clients and one of those is a home builder.  We act on his behalf to sell homes in his developments and on his lots.  That’s what we want to focus on today; working with a builder and helping our buyers choose a floor plan.

Most builders working in a subdivision or a project are often limited by the types of homes they can build by something called a CC&Rs.  CC&R stands for Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.  These are usually put in place by the HOA or by the developer for the purpose of maintaining the value and integrity of the homes built in the neighborhood.

They can, for example, dictate which building materials the builder can use, prohibit certain types of landscaping, place restrictions on the number of homes that can be built in the project or even dictate the outer appearance of the unit itself.  

These are things you should be aware of as you shop for a home.  That’s one of the things we like about working with our builder.  Visitors who tour our model properties can see first hand what the area is like and what the homes will look like.  When you buy a Rock Solid home, we take you through a selection process that completely follows the CC&Rs of the development you’re buying into and shows you what options are available to you.  We even help you find areas where your personal and unique touch can be fully expressed to help customize your dream home.

Through a wide variety of floor plan options, we give our clients the opportunity to find one that best suits their needs and represents them to the fullest extent.  It’s our job to make the process as care free and simple as possible.

So why not check with us today and take a look at some of the many floor plans we have available and the amazing developments like Dixie Springs or Sand Hollow Retreat where our builder is actively building amazing quality homes!  Call today and set up your appointment.