LIME REALTY GROUP supports a local community boys baseball team, the Defiants and this past weekend, they had their first home run of the season!!!

Blake Stucki, Renae’s son, hit the homerun and he’s been excited ever since!  Way to go Defiants!!!!  This team is off to a great start and we’re excited to see them go as far as they can this year!

Defiant baseball is another example of what makes Southern Utah and the surrounding area such a great place to call home.  With mostly mild temperatures year round, (summer can get pretty hot), baseball is an event we can enjoy for a much longer time than other communities.

Defiant baseball also represents our commitment to community and supporting local youth.  We’re proud to be a member of our community and proud to support these young men!  What an awesome and exciting experience!  

Lime is the clear choice for real estate in Southern Utah!  Make the call and be part of our community today!