Renae Stucki Realtor is pleased to present our Circlepix presentation for the 31 S. 500 West La Verkin, UT property.  You can visit the site and check out the show by clicking on this link:

Circlepix offers you a way to take a virtual tour of the property that is both highly informative and entertaining.  The visuals are key here.  This is where you’ll see the most number of images online for the house itself.  Using these tours can help you identify which homes you actually want to tour and save you time when you’re ready to get out there and start looking.

Renae has Circlepix presentations for a few properties and you can check back through the blogs to find those links or wait and we’ll post a list of all our featured properties next week.

The important thing is to make sure this is a tool our clients appreciate.  Consider sending us some feedback and let us know if you’re enjoying the presentations.  And then call us when you’re ready to start shopping for your dream home.

Renae is the Way!