LIME REALTY GROUP is dedicated to bringing information to our clients and associates.  Mostly about real estate.  But on occasion, we see something so neat, we like to share it.  And today, that “something” is this incredible pictorial posted by World Science Festival showing how pictures of stars and planets can look through different filters and why they’re used.


Most photos taken of stars and planets are in black and white.  Mainly because it shows more of visible definition.  But those photos wouldn’t be how our eyes would see the objects.  By adding different color filters, you start to see things the human eye can’t detect.  And gives them an assigned color.  The results are beautiful, but not exactly accurate.  Our eyes still wouldn’t see much of what the color filters show.  Still, it makes it visually pleasing and lovely.  

You can check out the pictorial by clicking on the link below.

Afterward, consider the benefits of living in beautiful Southern Utah.  We have so many amazing spots to set up a telescope as an amateur stargazer.  Brilliant skies with amazing clarity.  Even if you’re not into scouring the night skies with your naked eyes, you’ll have to agree this article makes star gazing an even more appealing hobby.

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