LIME REALTY GROUP is always trying to keep you up to date on the mortgage rate and we’ve got some great news!  For awhile there, the rate was creeping back up, but today, the rate was back down to around 4.03%.  It’s still hoovering around the 4% mark and has been most of the year.  Analysts continue to predict a sharp increase but so far, that hasn’t happened. 

So what can we take away from all of this?  Well, it continues to be a good year for getting into a home.  The market continues to fluctuate and that volatility spikes the rate now and again, but hasn’t proven enough to move it strongly in one general direction.

Because of that, you still have time to get in at an amazing rate not much larger than 2012/2013’s 3.25%-3.50%.  I just can’t imagine what you’re waiting for.  Even if you’re not ready to buy, still it’s a good time to see what you can prequalify for and start looking around for something you might be interested in.

That’s where we can help you.  Contact us today and we’ll help you get connected to a great mortgage lender and start looking for the home of your dreams.  Contact us today!