One of the things we miss out on living in Southern Utah is the dramatic changes in seasons.  Renae Stucki Realtor knows how beautiful it can be.  And although we do enjoy seeing some foliage change in preparation for winter, it’s nowhere near as widespread as it can be in other parts of the world.

And so, in celebration of Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Tricks and Treats…  Pretty much everything coming up in the next few months, take some time to enjoy this soothing music and watch some time lapse photography of the rest of the world turning red, orange, yellow and gold.

Then smell the changes happening in the air and know we’re entering the fall season here as well.  This really is an amazing place to live.  And when it comes to real estate in Southern Utah, there really is only one choice for an agent.  Call Renae today!  We make dream homes come true!