Renae Stucki Realtor wants to know…  Does this house look familiar???

If you think it looks just like the house from Disney/Pixar’s film, “UP”, then you guessed it.  This is the Real Up House and it’s located in Herriman, UT.

Herriman is a town in the northern part of the state…  An area we don’t generally write about in this blog, but it’s sometimes good to reach out to our state cousins in the north and check in with them.

The Utah experience is something you can’t base solely on whatever part of the state you’re in because all of the communities combine to make it what it is.  It’s the work of each town, city and community that keeps Utah’s economy stable and makes it a great place to live and work.  The natural beauty isn’t limited to the south or the north as both offer scenic wonders.  Whether you visit Utah’s Rocky Mountains or spend some time in the southern deserts, you can be certain, you’ll experience amazing sights.

And so it is, in the spirit of Utah, that the Up house was realized and built in the little town of Herriman.  And we wanted to post it here.  You can actually visit the Facebook page and learn more about this Disney themed home.  Just click HERE.

Then contact Renae and let’s see if we can find you just as dramatic a property as the Up house.  Call today!