Today I wanted the Taylor Stucki Realty Group blog to feature something incredible and what’s more incredible than some of the natural beauty of the area?  

I decided to write a little about Zions National Park.  For those of you interested in reading about the park on the official site, you can follow a link HERE.

Zions National Park draws hundreds of tourists each year to the Southern Utah area and has a major impact on tourism.  The little towns situated on either end of the park, Springdale on the south end and Mount Carmel on the north end, are both lovely art communities overflowing with artisan shops, restaurants and cafes all designed to create a comfortable experience for the international blend of tourists who come seeking refuge and rest among Southern Utah’s beautiful cliffs and canyons.

There are all kinds of activities too.  Hiking, exploring, horse back riding, tours…  The list goes on and on.  Though most find themselves taking luxurious naps in the warm afternoon sun poolside in one of the many hotels near the park.

Zions is close to St. George and is another reason why this is such an amazing place to live.  There are other canyons around.  Some are smaller and some offer other delights than Zions, but all of them are magnificent and accentuate the wonder the area has to offer.  This is truly an inspiring place to call home.  Time for you to make the move to St. George today.