LIME REALTY GROUP is a group of real estate specialists dedicated to helping our clients with transactions involving property.  Both buying and selling.  And we deeply care about the concerns of our clients.

One of the most common concerns we confront when working with home buyers is the issue of a down payment.  Not everyone is capable of putting a large chunk of money down against a home.  Even if a client has great credit, pre-qualifies for an amount and finds a home that fits their budget and they love…  A down payment could possibly prevent them from buying the home.

In the interest of helping our clients, Lime researchers are constantly looking for options for down payment assistance.  And make no mistake, we have a lot of options.

Just to give you an idea, we’ll include a link to a page on the UHC website; which covers a lot of their options for down payment assistance.  You can read that page by clicking here:

Utah Housing Corp is just one option.  Many local governments also offer down payment grants.  Including many in Southern Utah.  If you’re interested in learning more about down payment assistance, please contact us and let us help you get your home shopping underway!