LIME REALTY GROUP wants to remind everyone today is the official first day of school for kids living in the Washington County School District.  If you haven’t registered or signed your child up for classes, you’re not too late, but you are late!

With all of this excitement, it’s easy to overlook how sad some moms will be when they say goodbye for the first time.  We hope all of your kids have an amazing first day back and we also hope you enjoy the free time you’ll have during the day!

Now that you might find yourself with some free time, why not contact Lime and start your search for your new home?  This is an excellent time to find the home of your dreams and make plans to be in it before the holidays roll around.  It’s your year to make things happen and buying that dream home is the perfect way to achieve a huge goal in your life.

Call the clear choice for real estate in Southern Utah, Lime and let us help you create memories to last a lifetime!