LIME REALTY GROUP was reading an article we wanted to share with you today.  It was published in USA Today a couple of weeks ago and it discusses St. George area finding its way back among the national top 10 areas for population growth according to the US Census Bureau.

We’re currently experiencing a 3.1% growth rate making us the fastest growing area in Utah and 6th overall in the country.  The Southwest is believed to experience the same growth rates as the rest of Utah through natural growth, meaning we experience more births than deaths, but we also see growth due to a large retiree community and fast growing economy.

And the housing market is a strong indicator just how popular the growth here is.

Of course local infrastructure is under stress and requires more planning for future growth.  But the job market continues to be strong and that will cause more people to move here looking for a place to build a home for themselves and their families.

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