LIME REALTY GROUP has a lot of exciting stuff happening this week.  From new featured properties to check out to new episodes of Ask Renae & Brian.  Renae & Brian have been asked to appear on the radio again this week and Lime has also been involved in some charity events.  More info on all of this to come so stay tuned.

The best part about being a member of the Lime team is community.  We’re not just selling real estate in Southern Utah, we’re dedicated to building the community and helping our neighbors benefit from living in this remarkable part of the country.

We see Southern Utah as a paradise.  A growing community still small enough to be a safe place to raise your kids and get on a first name basis with the people you see everyday at the grocery store or the bank.  People are still interested in helping each other and making the community a home.

It’s no wonder so many people from other states and places are choosing this dramatic area for their retirement or relocation spot.

Check back with us next week as we feature more exciting updates.  You won’t go wrong when you choose Lime.