Ladies and Gentlemen, Renae Stucki Realtor wanted to take the opportunity to feature this clip of Padraig Harrington during the final round of the HP Byron Nelson Championship on the PGA tour.  This is the most unlucky shot ever.  And I’m sure he felt cheated by it.

I wanted to play this clip because it’s kinda like the Mortgage Rate right now.  You may be sitting on the edge of making a decision as to whether or not you’re ready to jump in the market and lock in a rate.  You might jump in, lock the rate, then get scared and jump back out thinking you’ll get a better one if the rate goes lower.

But just like this shot demonstrates, sometimes it’s best to get in while you can and do everything you can to stay in the hole.  We’re in a sweet spot of sorts.  The eye of the storm so to speak and this is the moment buyers should take advantage of.

Call Renae today and inquire about locking in a rate before the market turns and the rate goes back on its upward trajectory.  Don’t leave yourself standing there thinking, “If only I’d stayed in.”  This is it, folks.  Now’s the time.