LIME REALTY GROUP is a huge fan of podcasts.  We love listening to them.  And we were obsessed with the Serial Podcast and the case of Adnan Syed.  For those of you who haven’t heard, Adnan’s been given a new trial after 15 years in prison.  It’s been a long journey for him and only the attention focused on the case by podcasts like Serial and Undisclosed allowed it to move forward as it finally has.

Undisclosed started a new season this week and they’re taking on the case of Joey Watkins from Rome, Georgia who was convicted of killing Issac Dawkins.  So far, they haven’t done much.  There’s only been one episode, but that’s a great place to jump in and discover this fascinating podcast.

The thing we like most about Undisclosed is the depth of the investigation and how thorough they are while researching and presenting evidence.  You really get to explore the case and the mystery surrounding it.  We highly recommend subscribing and listening to this podcast.  The official website is  Once you finish listening to the first season, I’m sure you’ll agree this is a case worth following and worth finding out that happens.

Podcasts have become an excellent routine.  You can listen to them while you walk or while you’re engaged in all sorts of activity.  Take some time and explore this worthwhile program!  That’s a Summer Fun idea for adults!

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