LIME REALTY GROUP isn’t going to fill your head with a bunch of craziness today…  Or are we?

This video was shown to me the other day and it blew my mind.  This is a weird video to share and even stranger how we’re going to ask you to watch it…  This is a European Hip Hop Dance competition and one of the competitors is a young French guy named Stephane Deheselle and this kid is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

If you’re familiar with his dance style, you’ll know how unique and truly fascinating this guy is.  If you’re not, prepare to be completely amazed.

In this video, Deheselle is competing against Nicolas  Putzolu or NICO as he’s more commonly known.  Both men are talented dancers but there’s a huge difference.  Putzolu throws himself into a routine that seems half planned, half impromptu free-styling.  On the other hand, Deheselle’s performance is planned to the letter and therefore comes across more fluid and superior.  If you want to watch both dancers perform, feel free.  If you want to see what blew our minds, here’s some skipping ahead cues.

Both men dance to 2 songs…  ZTK’s “Inspiration” and Michael Jackson’s “Stranger In Moscow”.  Putzolu starts with “Stranger In Moscow” and dances first.

At 03:50, Deheselle takes the stage to perform “Inspiration”.  And this is magical.  Truly freaky.  Putzolu comes back at the 06:00 mark for his take on the track and then at 09:15, Deheselle returns and performs his version of “Stranger In Moscow”.  Wow.

Take a few minutes out of your day and witness this.  Seriously, these are one of the moments in life where you are amazed at what humans can accomplish.

This guy may be the future of dance.

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