LIME REALTY GROUP has an alternative to candy this Halloween.  It might be slightly more expensive, but it’s a great alternative.  Each year, Wendys (that’s right…  The hamburger joint), offers a coupon book for a $1 donation to the Wendys adoption charity.  The book contains 5 coupons.  Each one is valid for a free Frosty Jr.

For $1 you can have five coupons for five trick or treaters.  Each one entitles the little nipper a free Frosty Jr.  That’s a safe and delicious alternative to a sugary piece of candy.  

You could invest in a coupon book for your own kids or special children who come to your door.  Nieces and nephews, grandkids…  However you choose to see it, it’s a wonderful alternative.

Not all Wendys locations offer the coupon books, but the ones in St. George do.  Therefore, you have a great opportunity to take advantage of this awesome deal and reward some very deserving children in your life this Halloween.

Lime is always looking out for the well being of our community and hopefully, you’ll enjoy these great coupons!  Get them soon because there’s a limited number of these books.  Happy Halloween!