Ever vigilant in our search for interesting and exciting bits of information to share with you, the Taylor Stucki Realty Group stumbled across this review of the St. George Area on Topretirements.com.  You can read the article by clicking HERE.

The one thing I’m not too pleased with is the comments made about religion.  St. George is quite diverse.  Probably one of the most diverse religious communities in Utah.  Still, even with the LDS faith being predominate, there’s no reason to site that as a bad thing.  Utah has demonstrated having a citizenry made up of LDS has served to create a state that is generally better off than most.  With lower crime rates, cleaner cities, higher levels of education, culture and scenery; it’s hard to see the presence of the LDS faith as a drawback.  Many of the values Mormons espouse serve to improve the quality of life throughout the state.

My second complaint is where they talk about culture and places to eat.  St. George has a vibrant art community, many wonderful opportunities for theater and music as well as some amazing local restaurants offering a wide range of food.  I’m sure seafood is not as plentiful as it may be in other cities, but the astounding number of cultural cuisines offered makes up for it.

One of the most exciting aspects of moving to a new place is discovering the local food scene.  And St. George has one exciting enough to keep even the most sophisticated “Foodie” happy for a long time.  

Of course, Las Vegas does offer a supplement to the dining in Southern Utah.  It also offers more options for entertainment, shopping and sightseeing.  

As dismissive as the article is in some areas, it’s still a nice enough read to enjoy.  If you already live here, take it as a compliment.  If you’re considering moving here, take it as a sign!  Either way, it’s time to start making your dreams of home ownership come true.  Call today and let us make that happen for you.