LIME REALTY GROUP wants to give you some tips on staging a home for sale and keep the cost down. 

It’s true that staging a home increases its value on the open market, but the whole process can be expensive.  If professional staging isn’t in your budget, never fear because it’s entirely possible to do some DIY staging that won’t break your bank and here’s some of our suggestions to help you do exactly that!

#5. Make The Room Feel Taller.  One of the biggest differences in building is the height of rooms.  Older homes were built with standard 8 ft. high ceilings while newer homes are built with 9 ft. or 10 ft. ceilings.

If you’re selling an older home with 8 ft. ceilings there are ways to make them seem taller.  Strong, vertical lines can really enhance the room and make it appear to go on more than it actually does.  For example, cut some wild foliage, like long branches or bamboo stalks and place them in a narrow vase.  Tall, skinny floor lamps against a wall can also do the trick.

You could also use drapes from a ceiling mount rod to lift the room.  Many stores sell ready made draperies for around $29.99 and they come in 96′ lengths.

All of these little tricks and anything you can think of to create strong  vertical lines against your walls will help “raise the roof” and make it seem taller.

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