That’s right, folks!!!  Lime Realty Group is going to share with you the 10 most common/popular resolutions people come up with each year.  But before we burst your bubble on just how “un-original” your resolutions are, we’d like to offer you one piece of advice…  

The best way to start meeting your goals (or resolutions) is by setting goals you can actually reach.  You set small ones.  A lot of them, but small nonetheless.  As you continue to reach your goals, you’ll develop a feeling that you can achieve more difficult things and at that point, you can realistically start setting goals that might be just slightly out of reach.

Become a “Goal Achiever” not just a “Goal Setter”.

Now just like a New Year’s Countdown, we start with #10…

10 – Sleep more/Get better sleep – Gosh, what do you say to that one?  Of the bunch, this is the one I never would’ve thought of myself.  There’s been a lot of debate among scientists and academics about how much sleep the average person needs and there have been some extremely dynamic studies done recently on specific groups of people.  One group being studied is teenagers.  At the end of the study, the group conducting it came up with a lot of interesting suggestions for parents and society in general to understand why teenagers need more sleep.  There’s not a lot more to say about this one other than it may or may not be a valid resolution…

9 – Do volunteer work/charity work – Coming off of the high of Christmas and being buried under the materialistic expressions of your loved ones affections, it’s no wonder this one comes up.  You’d have to be completely cold-hearted to have a super Christmas and not feel sorry for those who went without.  I will say this much for those of us living in Southern Utah…  Charity and volunteer work are easier for us to do because of the very nature of society here.  Most residents of the community are religious and as such, donate time and money to helping their church grow.  This one isn’t far fetched for us.

8 – Travel – Alright!!!  Now we’re talking.  Jetting off to a sandy beach, or spending a week in a European spa…  I think most people realize there’s a lot more about travel than just booking a ticket and taking off.  Travelling these days costs Money…  And Time.  Both of which you lose when you actually decide to travel.  But it never hurts to have something to look forward to.  So if your dream vacation is making it to the Risk board game finals in Tokyo, Japan next year; by all means, keep that little light burnin’.  Let it inspire and encourage you!

7 – Floss – Um…………………………………..  what?

6 – Save money/Better finances – If I were a therapist and you showed me your list of resolutions and this one showed up, I’d think you were sidestepping a bigger issue.  In general, I think this is a societal worry that exists in the hearts and minds of every living soul on the planet.  No reason to blow it up here.  This is one you can do with baby steps.  Set small goals.  For example, this year, I want to set $20 aside from every paycheck into a savings account.  This is a reachable goal.  However, it will take work and effort on my part to make it happen.  It is a more specific and I can see results each time I add the money into the account.

5 – Reach my goals – Well, yeah, we’re telling you how right now.  Hehehe.

4 – Learn a new language – This is one I think we’ll all be doing sooner than later.  There’s a backlash against people speaking anything other than English in the US and yet studies have proved over time, kids who learn a foreign language do better scholastically and have better people skills.  Time to reconsider letting your kids learn Spanish with that kind of recommendation.

3 – Go green – Again, this is one I think should be done as a series of small goals.  You can go green without turning your life upside down.  If you really want to go green, tackle the little things in your life that bother you.  One at a time.

2 – Quit smoking/quit drinking – This is the one most people fail and the reason behind it is simple…  You can’t just walk away from addictive stimulants.  Trust me.  and even if you could, why would you put yourself through that without support.  We can’t stress this enough…  Always, always find a support group when you’re taking on something like smoking or drinking.  Play it smart and set some achievable goals.  

1 – Lose weight – Big shocker!  This one tops my charts every single year.  I think, like smoking and drinking this is one I’d suggest getting some support with.  Whether you join the ranks of the thousands who purchase gym membership they never use, or you can be someone who really makes a difference in your own life and start setting goals you can reach.

Take some time and tell us what your resolutions for 2015 were.  Ours is to make you happy, even when we’re not helping you buy or sell a property.  So stick around, stay in touch and let’s make the new year Rock!!!!