Lime Realty Group brings you the up to date info on the term…  Boxing Day!!!  Now many of you might have heard this term recently and if you’re anything like me, you have no clue what the heck it is.  It’s celebrated in many countries all over the world, but not the US.  Still, if you’ve ever wondered what Boxing Day actually is, we’re gonna tell ya!

Traditionally, in England, Boxing Day is December 26.  The day after Christmas.  And it is the traditional day to give a Christmas Box or gratuity to those who provide service in your life.  A maid, your employees, the mailman, teachers, etc. etc.

This is the day you officially recognize people who you might have a slight obligation to during the holidays but not enough to really make an effort.

As we all know, gratuities can come in various forms.  Sometimes it’s a cash gift, but many business’ and people will give gifts rather than money.  One company I’m associated with gives my family a ham every Christmas.  Considering the rising cost of meat and groceries, this tradition makes me feel more and more appreciated each year.  And also goes a long way to making me stay loyal to them as a customer.

However you decide to celebrate Boxing Day, Lime wants you to know we want to be on your list.  Come to us with any and all of your real estate needs and let us become that someone you think of next year when Boxing Day comes around.

Happy Holidays again from all of us at Lime!  Be safe and enjoy the rest of the year.  There’s not much left!