LIME REALTY GROUP has decided to talk a little bit about all of the amazing activities coming up this summer.  And although it’s sorta off topic, we’d like to discuss some interesting developments we’re seeing in live concerts we’ve attended.

A great example is Juno Reactor.  You may or may not be aware of this band.  And even if you don’t recognize the name, you definitely heard some of their music.  Their tracks are famously used on movie trailers and in film scores.  In fact, Juno Reactor contributed music to the film scores of the last two Matrix films.  And quite frankly, the best tracks of that score were the JR contributions.

Because they are traditionally an electronic band, they are labeled in an electronic genre.  They fall under the Trance catagory or Goa Trance, but unlike other groups lumped into this catagory, they are so much more.

Ben Watkins, principal member and song writer, is fascinated by all types of music and he likes to incorporate what he hears into his own composition.  With Juno Reactor, that took on a world beat and he became the most unlikely hero on the electronic music scene.  

In this first clip, you see Juno Reactor performing in 2002.  His show was different from other electronic bands because he included live instruments played simultaneously along side computerized, programmed instruments.  It’s this blend that made him so unusual and captivating.  Even his studio work incorporated traditional forms of music from various cultures all over the world.

The concert opens with his backing band performing a traditional drum set from their own repertoire, before playing the first Juno Reactor song of the evening, “Conga Fury”.

Wow, quite a spectacle.  

Juno Reactor are active again this year and on tour all over the world.  This time, Watkins has joined forces with a performance art group called The Mutant Theater.  Although he still incorporates live instruments into his performances, the show seems to be driven more by the theater rather than the music.  This is a huge departure for him, but one we think is fascinating and very cool.  Here’s a clip of the band’s more recent performances.  One group of Mutant Theater dancers perform, “Let’s Turn On”.

As you can see, very different approach and style to his earlier shows.  And we’re seeing that all over the place this year.

This summer, bands who broke up are getting back together, groups who’ve retired are touring once again, superstars are joining forces to co-headline new tours, and just about everyone you can think is touring.  And the focus seems to be on doing something original and different.

Right on the heels of a brand new A Perfect Circle album release, James Iha abandons the group’s supporting tour and re-unites with his former bandmates, The Smashing Pumpkins for a summer tour.

The remaining 80’s pop icons are out in force led this time by Prince Charming himself, Adam Ant and country superstar Alison Krauss and American legend Willie Nelson set off on a co-headline tour this summer.

Many of these groups are going to play near St. George.  Whether they’re in Salt Lake or Las Vegas, chances are good you could see any of them.

So think about some music this summer.  And next time, we’ll talk about the oncoming slew of summer blockbusters that are sure to get your heart racing.

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