LIME REALTY GROUP wants to share something we found extremely interesting.  Even though Halloween is over, we found an amazing broadcast online of the podcast for This American Life with host Ira Glass.  Their Halloween special, “The Call Was Coming From The Basement” is both frightening and silly all at the same time.  

They debunk a case of a haunted house, describe the absolute terror of being kidnapped and David Sedaris recounts his experience working in a county morgue.

This American Life ranks almost every week in the top ten podcasts on iTunes and other podcast sites.  If you don’t listen to it, we suggest you take some time and give it a try.  This episode we found on Soundcloud and you can listen to it now by following this link:

So go check out the spooky and hilarious Halloween episode!  We think you’ll enjoy it enough to start listening on a weekly basis.  These are the same people who brought you the Serial podcast.

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