Lime Realty Group isn’t in the habit of writing blogs about music or other forms of entertainment that don’t have direct impact on Southern Utah or the economy/real estate market, but this video was so infectiously happy, we had to share it.

The Busy Twist is a new electronic band out of London that have based their sound on traditional African music. “Friday Night” is their most recent release and the video was filmed by the group in Ghana. Armed with video recording equipment, a portable stereo and plenty of smiles, they wandered around the streets and played the track.

The result is amazing. People hearing the music would often start dancing! It was easy to record them enjoying the music they were hearing.

It makes you wonder about the culture we live in. If we heard music playing in the street, how many of us would dance and enjoy the sheer pleasure of hearing a wonderful song? This is a marvelous time of year to let yourself go and just enjoy the sounds and magical moments the season has to offer.

Although “Friday Night” may not be a holiday song, it most certainly does contain the joy and happiness we often experience during this rich holiday season.

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