LIME REALTY GROUP is all about selling right now.  We have a lot of clients who are taking advantage of the interest in the area and people looking to buy from out of town.  Because of this increased attention to clients hiring us to sell properties, we’ve put together a list of Do’s and Don’t’s when it comes to selling your home.  

1. Don’t – Ask for too much money.  Although you know what you paid for your home and what you’ve done to improve the property, that won’t determine what your home is actually worth.  The real worth of your home is what someone is willing to pay for it.  Listing your home at too high a price can drive interested parties away and discourage them from making an offer.  It’s also important to realize pricey upgrades to a property doesn’t guarantee you’ll make that back when you sell the house.  If the other homes in your area aren’t upgraded like yours, it won’t likely make a difference to the price you can get.  

Do – Consult with an agent to determine your home’s real value.  The best solution to this is to hire a real estate agent like Lime.  We know what homes like yours are currently selling for and can help you choose an asking price that will maximize the amount of money you get back on your investment and help you achieve your goals for your next home.  With comparative analysis studies of your area, we can figure out what prices buyers are actually paying and how quickly homes listing at different prices are selling.

2. Don’t – Skip the marketing.  In this day and age, you can’t snap a pic of your house and stick a for sale sign in the front yard and wait for a buyer.  Most people shopping for properties will start their search online.  In order to get exposure, your property needs to take advantage of as many marketing platforms as possible.  

Do – Hire an agent.  Agents have the ability to get exposure for your property.  With internet ads that are focused on driving traffic to your home and other methods like open houses, circulars and direct mail advertising; agents can get your property seen by as many people as possible.  And more exposure means greater competition and better chances of getting your asking price.

3. Don’t – Neglect to fix things that are broken.  If a buyer walks through your home and sees a bunch of things you haven’t fixed they’re going to wonder about the stuff they can’t see and how well you’ve maintained that.  Even little things like a loose handle, a hole in the wall or a jiggling railing could discourage a buyer from making an offer.

Do – Spend time fixing all the little issues.  Take a walk through your house like you’re seeing it for the first time.  When you find small issues, make a note and then spend a couple weekends fixing them and getting your house in show worthy shape.

4. Don’t – Get emotionally involved.  This is your house, your pride and joy…  But that doesn’t mean it will be someone else’s.  Making a lot of custom or unique decorating decisions could do more harm than good.  That Teal paint in your bedroom might match your bedspread, but it’s not going to make a buyer excited.

Do – Make your space neutral.  Let go of the features you love and make it a house others could love.  You need to have a property other people can see themselves in.  They need to be able to imagine themselves living in those rooms.  Get rid of the red accent wall and paint it a soft neutral beige or tan.

5.  Don’t – Get offended by a lowball offer.  Buyer’s are always trying to get the best price they can for a house.  Don’t blow them off because they’ve offered you a ridiculous price.  They may really love the property and you can’t blame them for trying.  After all, wouldn’t you do the same?

Do – View it as a negotiation.  Now you have the chance to put in a counter-offer.  If the buyer is serious, they will counter your counter-offer and you will have a better idea of what they’re actually willing to spend.  Once you know that, you can negotiate the finer points and work up a deal that will satisfy both parties.

Any questions?  Don’t worry…  Just call Lime and let us help you with all of your concerns and get you started in listing and selling your home today!