Let’s get right into it today…  Renae Stucki Realtor has a great suggestion for your weekend and that’s Swiss Days in Santa Clara.  Famously settled by Mormon Swiss members who came to America and were sent to Southern Utah by the church to grow cotton, the small town has a rich tradition and ties with Switzerland.  Many traditional family names still endure in great number in Santa Clara.  Tobler, Hafen, Fry and Stucki are just a few!  That’s right, Stucki!!!!!!

There are all kinds of events as well as food and booths for you to visit.  I’m always amazed at the variety of items on display.  The city also sets up a stage with continuous entertainment all day.  From singing groups to dance troupes, to just about anything you can imagine…  A fun time can be had by all.

You can visit the official site of Swiss Days by clicking on this link:


The site has a schedule of events you can download and a map.  You’ll be able to easily find the car show or any one of a number of events you might want to see this weekend.  So don’t hesitate, go check it out and then check back with us so you can find your new home in Santa Clara.  We know after you visit this quaint little community, you’ll want to live there yourself.  So call today and we’ll help make that happen for you.