LIME REALTY GROUP knows what you’re thinking right now…  Video Games???  Really???  But actually, yes.

Certain types of video games can be extremely educational and help your child develop all kinds of skills.  By making sure your kid plays the right games over the summer vacation months, you can keep them learning without them knowing it.

We found this extremely helpful webpage about 50 educational video games for kids who are home schooled.  Although it’s great that they’ve compiled this list for kids who are home taught, it’s just as valid for kids who are looking for something to do over the break.  You can read more about it and check out the suggested games by following this link:

We also recommend one of our favorite kids sites.  Highlights Magazine has an online site for kids with all sorts of activities including hidden picture finds and matching games.  Here’s an example…

Here’s a hint, there are 13 items hidden in this drawing.  See how many you can find.  This is a clickable game on the website.  Your child can play multiple scenes searching for hidden objects.

You can find Highlights by following this link:

I’m sure after you read through this information, you’ll consider video games for your kids as a summer diversion.  There are games for boys and girls listed here so you don’t have to worry about keeping just your boys going with games.  Girls love the hidden picture games as well!

It’s another great way to beat the heat and stay in learning mode.  Give it a chance!