Renae Stucki Realtor wonders… Have you ever heard about Hillside letter?  Well, if you haven’t, they’re a form of geoglyph common in the West.  They typically consist of large single letters or messages emblazoned on hillsides.  There are approximately 500 of these, ranging in size from a few feet to hundreds of feet tall.  They’re usually maintained by schools or towns and function as symbols of school pride and civic identity.  They’re similar to water towers and town slogans on highway “welcome to” signs in other regions.

 Wikipedia, the online free encyclopedia, has an interesting article on Hillside letters and you can read it…  HERE.

Now here’s the cool bit of information you may not be aware of…  St. George hosts not one but two of these fascinating and wonderful symbols.  Both are pictured here.  There’s the big D on the old airport black hill and the DIXIE painted on the red rock outlook point.

During holiday seasons, the big D is sometimes lit with different colors.  This is just another reason, St. George and Southern Utah is such a fascinating place to live.  Why not call today and let us help you find a home in this diverse and exciting community.