Lime Realty Group is a business designed to help clients buy and sell real estate.  We’re here to facilitate all aspects of that industry.  Although this blog is a way we can attempt to provide helpful information, we also want it to be entertaining and something you’ll enjoy reading.  Hence the reason we include tips on Christmas gift ideas and other fun topics.  

Well, today we’ve got a great big suggestion for you.  It’s called Serial.  It’s not a Christmas gift idea and it not tips or analysis on market rates or anything like that.  Serial is a podcast.  

Unlike a lot of other podcasts out there, Serial is a podcast devoted to one story each season.  The story unfolds over the course of the season with one new episode each week on Thursdays.  Of course you can always download and listen to any of the past episodes if you missed them.

This particular season of Serial concerns itself with the murder of a Baltimore high school student in 1999 and her boyfriend who was convicted of the murder.  Host Sarah Koenig conducts her own investigation around this confusing case and comes up with all kinds of information.  

So far, we’re glued to our seats anxiously awaiting tomorrow’s new episode.

What we like about Serial is the interactive website showing pieces of evidence and photographs as well as the continuing storyline.  Each episode shows more and more insight into the case and as a listener you go from thinking the boyfriend did it, to thinking there’s not way and back again.

You can visit the website here:

Who knows for sure where the story will end up.  But one thing is certain, it’s been incredible  just listening to it.

Here’s host Sarah Koenig (left), with executive producer Ira Glass (center), and producer Julie Snyder (right).  Together, these three have created a new type of podcast that may indeed revolutionize the podcast industry and change the way you consume media.

If you’re looking for something interesting to hear while you’re driving, jogging, walking or anything…  Download the first episode and see if this case doesn’t strike your fancy.  We’re betting you’ll be hooked.  Just like we are.

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