LIME REALTY GROUP is pleased to bring you another prediction we have for 2017.  With almost half the year already gone, we might be a little late, but we wanted to share our thoughts anyway.

Today we predict that Millennials will start moving to second tier cities.  At the end of last year there were more first time home buyers entering the market between the ages of 28-31.  And this age group isn’t into fixer-uppers.  Most of them are favoring design quality, floor plan and finishing touches as the most important features they’re looking for in a home.

These points are actually surpassing other factors like green space, length of commute and property taxes.  In order to get the high-end touches and finishes they’re after, they’ll end up buying in more affordable cities like Raleigh, NC or Austin, Texas.  St. George could also be considered a second tier city.

Substance and quality are more important to this new wave of home buyers.  And we’re more than qualified to help these kinds of clients.  We can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.  Make a choice today and call Lime!  And check back with us tomorrow for our final prediction.