Renae Stucki Realtor is not just a professional real estate agent in the Southern Utah area, she’s also a citizen of St. George and lives here year round with her family.

As a concerned citizen, Renae feels it’s the civic duty of residents to vote in local elections and is quite surprised by the outcome of the mayoral election for the city of St. George.

You can read the St. George News story about the election HERE.  Dan McArthur, long time major of St. George, was voted out of office this time and will be replaced by Jon Pike.  Mayor McArthur is one of the driving forces behind the restoration of the downtown area and a lot of the growth the city has undergone since the 90s.  He’s been an amazing friend of the community and he will be missed.

That being said, we are looking forward with anticipation at the direction the new major will take and what exciting things we can hope to see in the future.  Let’s face it, this town is on the map now.  There’s so much to offer and so much going down.  How can you not be a part of it?  It’s attracting new residents every day.

If you want to be a part of this vital community, call the agent who passionately believes in Southern Utah.  Call Renae Stucki today and let her help you sell a property or find the home of your dreams.  She can work wonders.  Why not try today?  Call now.