LIME REALTY GROUP realizes New Year’s Resolutions can be either one of the most rewarding goal setting experiences or a huge set up for failure.  Depending on who you are and you’re ability to set, follow and achieve goals, this time of year can certainly seem daunting.

So here’s a couple of ideas to keep in mind this year as you consider changes you want to have in your life for the upcoming year.

First off, don’t set goals that are too lofty you don’t stand a chance of making them.  Be realistic about what you want to achieve, honest with yourself about your characteristics and behavior patterns that will discourage progress and frankly, give yourself a fighting chance to succeed.

Second, don’t fall into the trap of vague nonspecific goals.  Be precise and write out everything you want to accomplish and how you expect to get there.  Having a plan is a pathway forward to helping you make it happen.

And finally, don’t overwhelm yourself with too many.  Try 1 or 2 and see how they play out over the year before you start micromanaging every aspect of your life.

With these steps in mind, we feel certain you can set some goals that will encourage you to continue making progress and change your life.

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