LIME REALTY GROUP is sad to report yet another 80’s icon passing away in 2016.  Although they never achieved the same status as superstars like Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson or Bruce Springsteen…  Dead Or Alive are responsible for one of the all time classic 80’s hits.  You can throw a stick in a room full of 80’s compilations without hitting one including ‘You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)‘.  

Gender-bending singer Pete Burns, died Sunday from a heart attack.  Dead Or Alive continued to release and perform live as a band right up until Burns’ death.

This is one of the worst years for the loss of such amazing talents.  In so many fields.  The loss of singer, Burns is just another tragedy for 2016.

We’re including a link to one of our favorite Dead Or Alive songs, ‘Brand New Lover‘.

Lime is a huge fan of Dead Or Alive and we send our deepest sympathies and condolences to his family, bandmates, friends and fans.