LIME REALTY GROUP had a drawing last week sponsored by our new community partner, Natural Beaut By Joshua!  We asked a question about a specific blend of Essential Oils and we had 5 responders who guessed the correct blend.  In a generous and unexpected move, Joshua decided to declare all participants who correctly identified the blend winners!!!!  So, our five Facebook, Twitter and Blog readers who gave the correct answer received the beautiful gift bags put together for Lime by Joshua.

The winners are Kay Borrowman, Stacie Lang, Greg Goodwin, Raelyn Pollock and Robin Harter!  Congrats to our winners!  Some have already received their bags and others will shortly.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

This week, Natural Beaut By Joshua is offering BOGO on a number of items including their Poo-La-La toilet spray.  Buying one spray will get you a toilet bomb for free.  Toilet bombs are handmade and clean, sanitize and deodorize your toilet bowl!

Check out their facebook page for more information and lots of cool giveaways and prizes!

And remember, Lime is the clear choice for real estate in Southern Utah!  Make the choice today!