LIME REALTY GROUP is always on the lookout for small local businesses we feel enrich our community and offer a unique service to all of us.  Today, we’d like to bring to your attention Vintage Pawn!  Located on St. George Blvd. near McDonalds, Vintage Pawn is a small “Mom & Pop” pawn shop with all sorts of amazing items for sale!  We love to shop for discounted DVDs and Blu Rays there.

In the future, Vintage Pawn and Lime Realty will team up to offer you some exciting opportunities but for now, why not take a minute and stop in to say “Hi”!  Their Veterans Day sale was out of this world and we spent a lot more money than we planned on, but walked out with such great deals we couldn’t turn them down.

Check out Vintage Pawn and tell them Lime sent ya!  You can find them on Facebook here:

Or visit their website here:

We’re positive you’ll find something just right for you at Vintage Pawn!

And remember, Lime is the clear choice for real estate in the Southern Utah area.  We’re also a proud supporter of our fellow business owners and small local business.  Be a part of what makes Southern Utah such an amazing place to live!