So Renae Stucki Realtor found this article on one of our favorite sites, CNN Money and decided to share it.  You can check it out HERE.

Essentially, it shows how certain markets across the country are really expensive and take so much out of a renter’s monthly income that it’s helping keep low income people in those areas from buying homes or making moves in the housing market.  In fact, rental property building is on the rise.

But how does this impact us?  Well, we’re not seeing rent increasing to the same degree in Southern Utah, but there has been a decrease in builders who are trying to build affordable housing.  These lower priced homes are essential to helping low income and middle class families join the ranks of home owners and they’re necessary if one plans to get ahead in life.

So there is a chance we could see more rental properties showing up.  But for now, we’re holding fairly steady and we’re seeing a good steady stream of inventory and sales.

Still, it’s always a good time to look into the market before you get priced out or your money won’t buy the home you need.  Why not contact Renae today and let her show you the possibilities of getting into the market now.  Before it’s too late.