LIME REALTY GROUP decided to write today about an interesting story we recently heard…  Science has now proved there are no more wild horses in the world.

Now many of you may question this statement due to the heard of horses known as Mustangs in Nevada or other Southwestern states that wander free.  But in actuality, those horses are considered feral.  The difference between a wild animal and a feral animal is a wild animal is one that has never been domesticated or descends from a line of once domesticated animals.  Feral animals are those that were once domesticated and then returned to the wild.

The last known herd of “wild horses” has now been proved to be descended from a domesticated breed that was one of the first used by humans centuries ago.

We’ll find more articles about the subject and post them as we find them, but for now…  Let’s all mourn the passing of the legendary Wild Horse.  A majestic figure that is now nothing but a historical dream.

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