LIME REALTY GROUP has a few things happening next week I wanted to preview today…

First, I wanted to let you all know we’re posting our coloring contest pic!  This will give you plenty of time to get yours colored and turned in.  We had some late entries last year and some kids weren’t included.  We definitely don’t want that to happen again so we’re going to give you more time!  We’ll also showcase some of the coloring pages as we receive them.

Another big topic is the interest rate.  While browsing through some pages this morning, I noticed Utah Housing was advertising an FHA loan at 5%.  Since FHA is traditionally lower than the standard interest rate, this calls for some major investigating.  If the rate has gone up over 5% it happened quite dramatically.  And there may be a dozen different reasons why it suddenly inflated like that.

We hope to offer some insight into this development.

We will also be discussing a number of Loans Utah Housing has made available for Veterens.  At last check, they still had over 100 loans for Vets.  Hopefully, we can provide some information on that as well.

Check back for helpful info and fun times!