While surfing real estate news for the Taylor Stucki Realty Group this afternoon, I came across an interesting article discussing how common bidding wars were becoming in high demand cities like San Francisco, Boston, New York and Las Vegas.  Because property is in demand in these areas, investors are snatching up everything coming on the market making it difficult for first time home buyers and those seeking to get in on the ground level in some of these areas to compete with cash deals…

Although it’s possible to find yourself in a situation like that in Southern Utah, we’re seeing a rise in properties coming on the market.  Not a decrease like on the national level.  Figures estimate 2 million standard sale properties are on the market in the US right now.  And that’s below average.  However, in this market, things are still looking up.  You can still shop around and find a property that suits you and your needs.  Whether you’re looking at new or traditional home sales, St. George is above the national average in what it has to offer you.

Southern Utah is the perfect place to make your next purchase.  Contact us today and let us help you lock in a low interest rate and find your next property today.

Happy Birthday to team member, Renae Stucki!