LIME REALTY GROUP keeps track of the mortgage rate so you don’t have to.  According to the most recent figures, 30 year fixed FHA is at 4.12%.  If you remember the last time we checked, the rate was in a similar position.  Hoovering above 4%.

This is where we expect the rate to stay for awhile.  Coupled with some of the incentives on a local and national level and the limited availability of some of those funds, now is an excellent time to take advantage of the position of the market and the rate.

As long as the rate stays around 4%, we’re still at historically low levels.  As long as the rate stays here, your dollars will continue to buy more house for less money.  In addition, you have the opportunity to take advantage of public loans and grant money to increase the power of your dollar.

If home ownership is something you’ve been thinking about then the time has come to make your move.  Call Lime today and take a chance on making your dreams of home ownership come true.