LIME REALTY GROUP is bringing you ideas on how to spend your summer vacation and enjoy all of your free time.  And when you hear today’s suggestion, many of you will think we’re crazy, but hear us out!  We suggest HIKING!!!

Now we’ve all heard the horror stories of hikers in the Southern Utah summer who died or almost died from Heat Stroke or Heat Exhaustion.  And we’re not suggesting you run willy nilly all over the desert in the hot sun.  Rather, we’re suggesting taking some time to discover just how remarkable our area really is by exploring some of the many hiking and walking trails provided for public use all over Washington County.  And we’re suggesting you do so responsibly.  

If you decide to enjoy nature in the summer months, you should always follow certain rules.  1) Plan your hike ahead of time.  That means letting people know where you’re going, having an idea how long you expect to be gone, how much water you’ll need for the amount of time you’ll be outdoors.  2) Always carry water or a drink that will help replace electrolytes.  Knowing how long the trail is you’re planning on hiking will help you determine how much water to bring along.  If there’s doubt, bring the extra bottle.  3) Take your hike during the evening or early morning hours.  If at all possible, avoid the hottest part of the day outdoors.  If you want to go during the day, plan on being finished with your hike by noon.  Or, take advantage of the longer days and go later in the evening while there’s still plenty of light.  4) If you feel tired, rest and don’t be afraid to quit a hike if you feel like you’re overexerting yourself.  Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion can sneak up on you quickly without you even realizing it’s happening.  So play it safe.

If you plan your hikes out before you take them, your summer can be filled with some rewarding exercise, a new appreciation for the natural beauty of our community and safe experience you won’t soon forget!

Explore the parks and trails of Southern Utah today!  And remember, Lime is the clear choice for real estate in the Southern Utah Area.  Even during the hot summer months, we’re here working hard for you!  Call today!