Here’s another economic forecasting blog presented by the Taylor Stucki Realty Group…  This time, I wanted to talk about the Treasury Bonds and how they affect your money.

Here’s how a bond works…  When bonds go down, the yield goes higher to make them more attractive to investors.  It sounds kinda backwards, but it has a major impact on the economy.  And we’re seeing it in action right now.

The value of the benchmark 10-year Treasury note is down amid signs the economy is gathering strength.  This means the yield increases.  Right now, it’s up to 2.14% and the 30 year mortgage rates are inching close to 4%.  That’s the highest they’ve been in a year.

Analysts are predicting the rate could be up over 5% by the end of the year.

So what does this mean to you???  There are a lot of people who’re waiting around thinking if they hold out just a bit longer, they can get the absolute rock bottom deal.  But if you read the indicators, you’ll see that rock  bottom is starting to shift on you.

The value of property in this area is increasing and now, because of the Treasury bonds, the interest rate for mortgages is on the rise.  If you were waiting, you’re about to miss your window of opportunity.  

Call the Taylor Stucki Realty Group today and let us help you lock in a rate while you shop.  Take advantage of this great buying climate and get something before it’s too late.