LIME REALTY GROUP had the most wonderful experience over the weekend.  We saw the magical return of the Harry Potter world in the film, “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them”.  

This is one of the best films we’ve seen in ages!  As wonderful as the original Harry Potter films were, Fantastic Beasts enjoys something the others did not…  Each of the other films were based on a book.  The audience went in already knowing the story and the film had the enormous task of living up to the novel.

But in the case of this movie, there are no preconceptions.  You get to sit back and watch the movie without anticipating your favorite parts or being disappointed about something that wasn’t included.  You enjoy it for what it is pure and simple.

If you’ve been hoping to share some of the joy and wonder from the wizarding world, this is a great place to teach younger children all about “the boy who lived”.  To help encourage you, we’ll include the link to the final trailer here!  Take our advice and go see this remarkable film.

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