LIME REALTY GROUP has written about before, but we thought now was a good time to bring them up again.  With only one week left before Christmas, those last minute gifts will need to be rushed through the post in order to arrive on time.

If you have a music lover on your list, why not consider…

This is the ultimate website for music collectors.  In addition to including a wide variety of information on releases, they are also a market place where you can contact sellers to purchase rare and even common place items.

For example, sometimes there are rare or limited edition releases of certain albums.  Let’s take Norah Jones as an example.  Here’s the master release page for her album, “Feels Like Home”…

As you can see, there are 39 versions of this album listed on the site.  They’re further broken up by different categories.  For example, format.  If you click on format, it will rearrange the search results and list them by the format they are issued on.  Starting with CD, Cassette and finally, LP.

As you can see, you can also list releases based on country.  If you click country, you’ll see there are three versions of the album released on CD.  One is the standard release.  One is the limited edition with bonus tracks, DVD and special artwork.  The last CD is issued by a music club.  There was one cassette release and a number of LP vinyl releases.

You can also search releases based on catalog number, year issued and label.  These different searches are important to collector’s to help distinguish re-issues or other subsequent pressings of a certain title.  Or sometimes, the album is purchased by a different label who release their own version of it.  These different label releases sometimes contain extra or different material.

For fun, let’s take the US limited edition CD release.  You click on it and it open up an information page about the disc.  Over on the right you can see the marketplace list and there are three copies for sale.  Currently, the least expensive is selling for $7.00.

If you decide to buy it, you can put it in your basket and purchase it, at which time you can contact the seller and arrange shipping.  Most sellers are happy to accommodate a rush shipping request for an additional fee.  Considering this release originally sold for about $25 retail, even with a rushed shipping fee, you’ll pay less here.

Try it out with other bands or CDs, Cassettes or LPs you’re looking for and open up the world of music collecting to a whole new level.  For your music lover, this could be a gold mine.  Discogs also includes information on promotional releases and will often have them for sale as well.  Radio stations and music industry people would often get copies of albums with exclusive artwork or tracklists that weren’t sold to the public.  You can find a lot of things like that here.  Take a look and enjoy the experience!

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