Renae Stucki Realtor is excited about the St. George Marathon occurring this weekend in St. George!  The Marathon is an annual sporting event hosted by the city on the first Saturday in October.  The first race was run in November 1977.  It was originated and organized in just a few months by Sherm Miller, who worked for the Parks and Recreation Department of St. George City.  It is currently the 13th largest marathon in the US.

The marathon accommodates up to 7,400 runners.  All runners, male and female, from any nation, may submit registrations to run; but only 7,400 runners are selected by random lottery to participate.  Runners must be able to complete the race within six hours.

The race begins at 6:40 am for wheelchair participants, and at 6:45 am for runners.  The course starts in the scenic Pine Valley Mountains at an altitude of 5,240 ft. and descends nearly 2,600 ft. through varied scenery, including the formations of spectacular white, pink and red sandstone and black basalt in Snow Canyon State Park.  The race finishes in Vernon Worthen Park in St. George City at an altitude of 2,680 ft.

Morning temperatures usually range from 38 to 44 degrees fahrenheit, and temperatures at the finish line typically range from 65 to 85 degrees.

After you’ve cheered on the runners and enjoyed the thrill of seeing them cross the finish line, why not call Renae and let her fill your afternoon with some house hunting.  She’s hosting an open house that day and would be happy to help you find a home in St. George so you can be a part of these events every year!  For those of you interested, you can visit the website for the marathon HERE.