Here’s an interesting article Renae Stucki Realtor found about people who live in multi-million dollar homes for virtually nothing.  Would you enjoy this life style?  CNN Money has an article about people who rent high end properties and live in them as stage families!

They basically give the home the “Lived-in” feeling while it’s on the market and being shown by agents.  It’s a fascinating article and you can read it HERE.

Of course this is a topic that’s come up many, many times.  One of the most difficult things an agent faces is staging a property for sale.  Many people often don’t understand how important it is to keep a clean and neat home.  Most sellers don’t understand how their personal belongings can detract from something a perspective buyer might be looking for.  

For example…  One woman painted her walls dark reds and pastel pinks, greens and blues in the bedrooms.  Although she loved the colors and felt it made the home cheerful and exciting, these colors would actually detract from a sale.  Not many people would share her feeling for such extreme colors.  It’s difficult to tell someone who is proud of the work they’ve invested in their home that what they’ve done will actually hurt them in the sale.  This particular home, Renae needed to convince the owner to paint over the walls she’d spent so much time and energy painting to fit her style.  It was heart breaking, but ultimately paid off when she got more than asking price on the sale.

Don’t hesitate to ask Renae what’s the best way to show the home or property you’re trying to sell.  She’s got excellent taste and an eye for detail.  Another resource she brings to the table many agents can’t claim.

The choice is clear.  Call Renae today!