LIME REALTY GROUP has brought you a series of blog posts this week about how to choose a listing agent.  We’ve discussed two mistakes sellers make when they’re considering agents and given you some things to consider when it comes to listing price and commissions.  But we also wanted to share some of the things we’ve heard from our sellers on the qualities they consider valuable as they were shopping for an agent.

One of the qualities is experience.  No one wants to be the seller with an inexperienced agent who’s just learning the trade.  That’s part of the reason experienced agents will work with new agents and help them get real life experience as they’re starting out.  An agent working without the help of a seasoned professional can make a lot of mistakes that could cost you serious money.  It’s important to choose an agent who has the chops to handle your deal.

Honesty is another important quality.  Although it’s hard to determine how honest someone is when you’ve just met them, trust your intuition.  An honest agent will usually speak from the heart and be sincere with you even if you don’t want to hear what they’re saying.

An agent with excellent networking skills is also important.  Buying and selling property is all about people and a smart agent will market and network with other agents to engage their client base as well as the general public.  Some properties sell because agents refer clients to other agents’ listed properties.

Your agent should be an amazing negotiator.  There’s a difference between making a quick sale for the commission and getting the client their best possible deal.  A great agent will work for the client rather than just themselves.  If you don’t feel like your interests are being represented well, you’ve probably picked the wrong agent.

Communication is also an integral quality to possess.  Both communication and availability are key to a successful agent.  A great agent will take the time to keep you updated and actually work for the commission they earn.  Let’s face it…  There are a lot of listing agents out there.  Agents who sign up as many listings as possible and then just sit back and wait for a property to sell so they can collect a quick commission.  A great agent works to earn the money you’ve agreed to pay them.  They won’t leave you standing waiting for something to happen.

Finally, and this isn’t an industry standard, but consider an agent who will offer you a personal guarantee.  If the agent won’t guarantee performance and release you from a listing contract upon request, don’t hire them.  As the client, you should have the right to find other options if you’re not happy with your representation.

Our experience with sellers has convinced us these qualities are essential for agents who want to do an outstanding job for their clients and get them the best possible deal.  If you want to see how we hold up, contact us today and give us the chance to win your business and list your property.  Lime is the clear choice for real estate in Southern Utah.  And once you work with us, we know you’ll agree.